10″ Inch Electronic Writing Board E pad long life battery operated(color may vary)

10″ Inch Electronic Writing Board E pad long life battery operated(color may vary)


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Product Characteristics

  • Technology has become an integral part of the modern man. People are exposed to the screen of computers, mobiles, tablets and other gadgets from a very small age. Thus it is important to protect the eyes at all times. Our LCD writing tablet has an eye-protecting screen and an attractive design. Thus our device should meet all your requirements quite easily.
  • Additionally, it also allows children to play games, enjoy painting, count numbers and perform other interesting activities on the tablet.
  • Also since you can type the important information in the tablet so you do not have to write anything on paper. This will in turn protect you from the hassles of paper writing.
  • Another advantage of using the tablet is it helps to prevent the cutting of trees. Thus it controls deforestation and saves the environment.
  • Additionally, the 10″ inches size of the product allows it to be used almost anywhere.
  • The fact that you can delete, erase or edit your writings is another advantage of using the tablet.
  • To complete the package the absence of radiation ensures that you can work on the device as long as you want to. Thus you should definitely go for the product.


  • LCD screen provides maximum protection to the eyes.
  • The design is extremely attractive.
  • Children can easily use it without any fear.
  • Avoids hassles of writing on paper.
  • Prevents deforestation of trees.
  • Size of 10″ inches allows easy usage.
  • Easy to edit or change the writings.