2 in 1 Silicone Gel Pad mobile sticky holder Earphone Cable Organizer

2 in 1 Silicone Gel Pad mobile sticky holder Earphone Cable Organizer


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Hold your devices at the right place with mobile gel pad technology

Product Description

  • We require several different types of items in our life like mobile, keys, iPad, camera etc. however we do not always get a suitable place to keep them. By the use of mobile gel pad nanotechnology, you can attach these items to glass, metal, wood, plastic, leather or any other suitable surface.
  • The Gel Pads are made up of eco-friendly material, so they do not harm the atmosphere in any manner. 
  • Additionally once removed they do not leave a single trace on the surface where it was stuck.
  • Another characteristic of the item is that the stickiness of the Pad can be recovered again after washing. So you can use it several times without damage to the product.
  • You can easily use the item in your car, home, office or in any other place. The nature of the gel pad prevents damage to the surface on which it has been stuck. So you can use it on any type of plane.
  •  Additionally, the product can withstand 12 ounces of weight. However, for the safety of your gadget, we recommend that you should not exceed the weight limit.


  • Can be used as a mobile holder or cable winder.
  • If used as a cable winder it can keep the cable in an organized manner
  • Can be attached to any surface like glass, wood, metal, plastic etc.
  • Made of eco-friendly material.
  • So does not harm the environment.
  • Has no impact on the surface.
  • Can withstand 12 ounces of weight.