Charger cable protector avoid damage from bends set of 4 packs

Charger cable protector avoid damage from bends set of 4 packs


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 Protect the cable of your devices by using the Cable Cord Protector

Product Description

  • The large scale use of the iPhone or iPad in the present era often distorts the cables that are related to the devices. However, the use of cable cord protector can help you to increase the life of the wire by shielding them from various stresses.
  • The shield acts by the use of two layers. The presence of rubber in the inner portion provides a buffer to the protector and the outer plastic shell increases the strength of the whole structure.
  • You can use it for both the Apple iPhone series as well as the iPad series.
  • Additionally, the hole of the product has a diameter of about 4 mm.
  • Also, you do not have to worry about the damage to the pieces. This is primarily because about 10 pieces of the same colour are available together.
  • In addition to this, it has a dimension of about 18 * 10 * 8. So several pieces can be kept together.


  • Protects the cable of the iPhone or iPad.
  • The inner rubber protects the cable from shock
  • The outer plastic shell lends strength to the overall structure of the product.
  • Suitable for both the Apple iPhone and the iPad series.
  • Diameter of the hole is about 4mm
  • You can get 10 pieces of a single colour.
  • So no fear of damage
  • Has an approximate dimension of 18 * 10 * 8 mm.