Day & Night Unisex HD Vision Goggles Set of 2

Day & Night Unisex HD Vision Goggles Set of 2


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Sporting style and blocking the sun with HD vision glass

Product Description

  • Protect your eyes in style. These HD vision goggles will allow you to clearly see under the bright sun. Wear these over your sunglasses and keep your eyes in the shade during outdoor activities on a sunny day. 


  • The periphery vision protects your eyes from every angle. The sunlight will be blocked out with this wear over sunglasses goggles. 


  • The fit over sunglasses are durable and string the high-quality construction plastic gives it longevity and the power to resist scratches and breaking. B end it, throw it, do whatever, it will stick to you without even the tiniest of scratches. 


  • The highly saturated colours on the wraparound sunglasses reduce the chances for glare and enhance contrast for a clearer and intense vision. 


  • It has been designed keeping both men and women in mind. Both of you can wear it and sport an unparalleled style! 



  • Unisex glasses. Both men and women can flaunt the style having without a single worry in the world
  • These are Wraparound sunglasses. Wear over the sunglasses to block the sun out
  • It protects your eyes from the glare of the sun
  • It is perfect for the active souls who are always out in the sun
  • The peripheral vision feature protects your eves from every angle
  • The perfect colour saturation ensures a high contrast clear vision.