F2 Magnifying Screen for mobile zoom foldable light weight

F2 Magnifying Screen for mobile zoom foldable light weight


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Keeping the vision clear with F2 screen for mobile

Product Description

  • Get 3D visual with this second generation 3D enlarged screen magnifier. Enjoy a phenomenal time with the F2 screen attached to your mobile phones 


  • The screen does not need any cables or power to function. It gives strong connectivity. 


  • The compact and foldable design will allow you to carry it anywhere


  • The F2 curved 3D magnifier keeps your eyes protected from fatigue from a long viewing time.


  • The F2  screen uses HD optical technology and keeps the mobile phone screen magnifies up to  2-3 times


  • It makes a convenient accessory for your phone if you spend a lot of time watching movies and reading on your mobile phones. Grab it for yourself or gift it to your near and dear ones to make sure that their eyes are well protected. This is the best choice for grad parents, who need extra support in seeing.




  • It magnifies the screen for a clearer vision
  • No connectivity is required. It does not use power or cables to function
  • Compact and foldable. You can carry it around with you without any trouble
  • The eyes are kept protected from tiredness
  • HD optical technology is used to magnify the screen
  • It ensures a clear vision. With this attached to your phone, you will be able to see even the smallest things on the screen clearly