Fan Blade LED Light with Bright Light and Angle Adjustable light for Home Ceiling

Fan Blade LED Light with Bright Light and Angle Adjustable light for Home Ceiling


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Let there be light with fan blade led light

Product Description

  • Make your fans fancy by installing the fan blade Led light. It will uniformly illuminate your home, eliminating every dark zone. It emits light with high brightly using high-quality transparent mask and irradiation area.


  • You will get light at exactly your preferred angle. The angle adjustability allows you to position your fan blade LED light according to your convenience.


  • It is designed to be dustproof and eliminates the growth of moth in your home. The chances of dust accumulation on the light are also eliminated. You will not have to obsess over cleaning it. 


  • The anti-seepage characteristic ensures a low consumption of power.


  • Just install it with smooth moves, and you are good to go.


  • Enlighten your homes for long hours as the LED light ensures a long-serving life streaming out ultra-bright LED light with the use of light attenuation.


  • The modern technologies have given it the power to be energy efficient and constant power drive with wide voltage service. The anti-flicker technology makes sure to protect your eyes from straining. 



  • Bright Led light
  • The sleek design gives your room a fancy look
  • Adjustable angle facility gives you light at the most preferred angle
  • Non-flicker technology does not strain your eyes
  • It is easy to install and is designed to be mothproof and dustproof. You will not have to climb high stairs to clean them ever!
  • Running on low power consumption, the LED light irradiates every dark zone in the room.