Fidget PVC Cube Stress and Anxiety Reliever Toy (Random colors)

Fidget PVC Cube Stress and Anxiety Reliever Toy (Random colors)


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Killing time with cube toy fidget

Product Description
 Sometimes time simply refuses to pass and moves like a sloth. Exactly at that time you need
a fidget toy in your hands. Here is a cube toy fidget for times when you feel bored.
 The size is if convenient for both adults and children. Just keep it in your hands and kill your
fidget time.
 It comes with 6 modes of action: Spin (Turntable), Gear Roll, Ball Roll, Glide, Flip Switch,
Rest. Additionally, it can exhibit 3 moves with sound and 2 silent moves.
 It is not only a time-killing device. It improves the skill sets also. It enhances your eye and
hand coordination, along with memory building and speaking skills.
 The small size makes it convenient to be carried around in your pockets or bag. The
lightweight makes sure that your hands don't feel burdened while playing with it.
 The durable plastic material gives longevity to the cube toy fidget. Don’t worry, our material
is child safe and can be used safely by the children

 Great fidget time toy
 Comes with 6 action modes
 It enhances skill sets like eye and hand coordination
 Can be carried around in pockets and bag
 Material: Plastic
 Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 2.7 cm approx
 Weight: 35g
 Package includes: 1 x Fidget Cube (any colour)