Flying Aircraft Heroes with hand sensor controls

Flying Aircraft Heroes with hand sensor controls


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Up and above with Captain America flying aircraft heroes

Product Description

  • Taste the fun of flying with Flying Aircraft Heroes. Gift this to your children and see how they enjoy indoors more than before with their friends. 


  • The design is fancy and gives it a cool look. Children love fancy things. So, we have made it fascinating with flashy indicator lights at the bottom of the helicopter. The cool Captain America Design will make your children feel like a superhero. 


  • It is super efficient in making your playtime with you will be extremely amusing. It is made with corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly material, so you don’t have to worry about harming your child and the environment as well.


  • The aircraft is battery operated and made with high-grade, durable material. The playtime will not be interrupted as our helicopter is collision protected and comes with inductive suspension.


  • It is perfect for indoor playtime of your children. It is easy to operate and can be controlled with the palm of your hands. It will fly above your head with swift stable motions.
  • Like today’s technology, the Flying Aircraft Heroes is smart and efficient. The aircraft will automatically take off 3 seconds after starting up. Let it glide in the air with simple hand controls.  


  • Children can easily use it as it is lightweight and easy to handle. If the movement of the blade of the helicopter is hindered, the aircraft will automatically shut off, ensuring a secured playtime.


  • Charging is done seamlessly with a USB charger.



  • The helicopter is lightweight and perfect for indoor playtime.
  • It has a stable flight and is easy to control
  • We take care of the environment. Thus the helicopter is made to be eco-friendly
  • The battery-operated helicopter comes with a USB charger for a seamless charging
  • Any hindrance to the helicopter fans will cut the power off immediately to make sure no accidents happen
  • The flashy lights and Captain America theme makes it attractive
  • Package includes:
    • 1 Captain America Figure Sensor Aircraft
    • USB charger