i9 Wireless Earphone With Portable Charging Case Supporting All Mobile Phones

i9 Wireless Earphone With Portable Charging Case Supporting All Mobile Phones


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Groove to music with i9s tws airpods 5.0 earphones


Product Description

  • We cannot imagine life without music! Having a good earphone can make everything blissful. To make your musical time more enjoyable, here are an i9s tws air pods. Keep your hands free while your favourite music is being played clearly into your ears.


  • The ultra-light i9s tws air pods are designed to slide into any ear size and shape perfectly without hurting the wearer.


  • The ergonomic design makes it convenient for a long time use. It will stay with you for a long time through every thick and thin


  • It makes a perfect buddy for your active lifestyle. Go for a jog, cycle your stress out and lift the weights in the gym with the crystal clear sound booming into your ears. These are perfect for hands-free calling and listening to audiobooks while your hands are busy doing something else.¬†


  • The hassle of detangling the wires of the headphone will not disturb you anymore. Put on the wireless air pods and go on your way. The Bluetooth air pods connect to your device automatically every time after switching on.


  • All devices like mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, singing bars, Q music, etc. with a Bluetooth feature supports this phenomenal air pods without any glitch



  • Super durable wires
  • High-quality clear sound output
  • The cable is tear resistant
  • It is compatible with any device with Bluetooth feature
  • The auto connectivity saves you from a lot of trouble
  • The cool design makes a funky accessory¬†
  • It has a phenomenal noise cancellation feature¬†
  • It fits every ear size and shape