Motion Sensor 20 LED Solar Light, Outdoor Weatherproof

Motion Sensor 20 LED Solar Light, Outdoor Weatherproof


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 Spreading light with solar motion wall light sensor

. Product Description

  • In the wake of various global issues, the environment is one of the main concerns. Thinking of the environment and its conservation, one thing we can do to help is put up this efficient solar light on our walls. 


  • No electric wires are required for its installation. It s easy to set up. Set it up where the sunlight hits directly so that it can absorb as much solar energy as possible for an error-free charging ad electricity generation.


  • The sensor ball head will enlarge to a length of 26 feet under a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. It generates immense power.  


  • The eco-friendly solar-powered light can simply be mounted on the wall or fence with screws.


  • This solar light has 2 modes- BRIGHT and OFF. It will be activated after a movement is detected in the dark. After lighting around 20 to 25 seconds, it turns off automatically.


  • When using for the first time, click the on/off switch with a pin and then put the solar light on charge directly under direct sunlight for 6-8 hours



  • It uses solar energy to generate electricity
  • For the time use, it needs charging for 6-8 hours
  • It is eco-friendly and does not need wires to perform
  • Simply mount it up on the fence or wall with screws
  • The sensor ball head absorbs heat and enlarges itself to generate electricity
  • It is durable