Plasma Ball with Voice, music and touch sensor

Plasma Ball with Voice, music and touch sensor


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Set the groovy mood with a Plasma ball

Product Description

  • Keep the magic in a globe in a fancy way and let the show begin. Imagine if you could make the light dance with you? The plasma ball can make it happen.


  • The plasma ball exhibits nonstop random waves in the plasma bolts. The built-in music sensor will make the light waves in the plasma ball groove with you.


  • It is compact and perfect to be placed on your work desk. If you get bored in the middle of your work, just let the dancing lights entertain you. 


  • We have put science and technology in a glass ball. While the glass ball drives on electrical power to let out bright beams of light, the voice control technology allows the globe to change the color and intensity of the light in rhythm with the sound.


  • Gift this to your party animal friends or whip it out for yourself on a party night to entice your guests.


  • Let our children spend quiet hours playing with this magic ball. See how their eyes will twinkle when they can control magic. The plasma ball is touch-sensitive, along with being a significant receptor of sound. Your child will be fascinated to play with it. Let your child playfully interact with science.


  • Don’t let all the science talk confuse you about its use. It is easy to set up. Just plug it in, and magic is all set to happen. 



  • The plasma ball is touch and sound sensitive. Touch it to control its function. Expose it to sound, and it will dance to the tune of music
  • Colorful streams of bright light will fill the entire room
  • The compactness of the magic balls makes it convenient to be placed anywhere you want
  • It uses low power
  • It is excellent for decoration and creating a party mood