Rechargeable LED Touch Sensor Desk Lamp with Eye Protection

Rechargeable LED Touch Sensor Desk Lamp with Eye Protection


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Light you your space with Led table lamp

Product Description

  • Let elegance take a seat on your table with the slim ultra-modern LED table lamp.


  • What if we say you can fold your light? Yes! This LED table lamp is flexible, and the gooseneck allows you to bend and fold the stem to light wherever and however you want. The 36-degree adjustability lets you position the light as you wish.


  • Set it up on your study table and touch to control it. As it is touch-sensitive, all the work will be done with a simple touch of your finger. Buttons are not required anymore, all thanks to its innovative design.


  • Our LED table lamp comes with three different light modes. Keep the command of the brightness at your fingertips. Control with a simple touch of your finger on the base surface. 
  • The warm LED light does not strain your eyes, but can let out enough light to help you do your work with ease. The scientifically designed led lamp reflects non-flicking natural light unvaryingly. 
  • As it lightens up seamlessly, charging it is also hassle-free. No more long tangling cords are required. The built-in rechargeable battery does all the work for you!



  • The sleek design makes it a stylish desk décor
  • You will get bright yet soothing warm lighting
  • The flexible neck lets you bend it to set up the most convenient lighting position
  • Brightness can be adjusted according to your comfort. 
  • It is compact and wireless. Carry it where ever you want to spread light
  • Its control is in your hands. The touch sensitivity lets you make it work with a straightforward figure tough. 
  • The light doesn’t flicker so that your eyes are kept safe. 
  • The built-in battery is rechargeable. Get ready for hassle-free cordless charging.