Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable USB Collision avoid Automatic

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable USB Collision avoid Automatic


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Get a spick and span home with ximenjie smart robot

Product Description

  • Robots have garnered a common fascination towards themselves. Their moves enchant everybody. What if we get you a robot to clean your house. Yes, ximenjie smart robot is all set to get your house cleaned.


  • With flexible moves, the robot will get your homes spotlessly clean, storing all the dirt in its large dust bag. It will glide over an area of 100-500 meters to give you a spick and span home. 


  • We are not calling this robot vacuum cleaner smart for nothing! It comes with an intelligent ASD anti-collision sensor system that senses any obstacle it from it and will elegantly doge hitting it. 


  • If your space has narrow areas, then the robot is the smartest choice. Its sleek design allows it to access narrow spaces like under the furniture and corners.


  • It works with super suction capability. It sucks in all the dust, hair, paper, and all the dirt cleanly without spilling anything. 


  • It does not emit pollution and runs on low power. It will work silently without disturbing the peace of your home. 


  • It is a perfect match for the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc.



  • The smart robot ensures a spotless cleaning with a big garbage storage bag
  • Slim design gives it access to difficult areas to clean
  • It glides on any floor surface with smooth, flexible moves
  • The intelligent anti-collision sensor secures it from bumping into barriers
  • The suction power is high graded
  • The silence and peace of your house will be maintained as the smart robot works silently on its own
  • It runs on low power and reduces the creation of pollution