Silicone Portable Leak Proof Foldable 550ML Water Bottle

Silicone Portable Leak Proof Foldable 550ML Water Bottle


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The new attractiveness of foldable bottle

Product Description

  • Travel light and compact with the foldable bottle. It rolls up nicely and fits inside your bag easily. The loops on the bottle let you attach it to your waist or bag when needed for easy access.


  • Save lots of space with the collapsible water bottle. It is lightweight and can be folded to be kept at a small corner in your bag. You can expand and collapse it as per your need. 


  • Do away with the hassle of carrying heavy bottles with your already heavy bag. It is portable and perfect for outdoor activities. It easy to store and carry. Take it out on camping and trekking adventures without being burdened. 


  • Don’t worry about leakage. The bottle is leak-proof and all the liquid inside will be kept safe, even while traveling on rugged terrains.


  • The foldable bottle can hold both hot and cold liquid. It is specially designed to withstand heat and cold.


  • The longevity of the bottle ensures a convenient usage. It is made with 100% food-safe silicon and PP material. It is treated to be completely user friendly and does not harm your health.


  • The silicon body does not reek of the construction material at all. 



  • Food grade safe silicon and PP foldable bottle. It is safe to use.
  • Easy folding saves up space
  • Completely travel safe and portable
  • The silicon body does not smell of plastic or chemicals
  • It can be expanded and collapsed as per your need
  • The loops help you to attach the bottle to your bag or waist
  • It is durable and leak proof