Smiley Emoticon bell alarm clock

Smiley Emoticon bell alarm clock

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Wake up on time with Emotion bell alarm clock 

Product Description

  • If you have trouble waking up in the morning, then grab this analog alarm clock. It will wake you up with a loud alarm tone, no matter how heavy a sleeper you are. You will find no snooze button, so you have to wake immediately to turn off the loud tone. Just st the alarm and place it on the side table and you will be woken up at the right time! 


  • The in-built light buttons help you see the time clearly in the dark. It has a button to access the backlight


  • The clock is designed like the clocks in the older times, to give it a retro look. 


  • It is built with steel to make it strong and sturdy. The longevity it has will keep it safe for a long time. 


  • It is powered by a battery for easy usage. You can change the battery when and as required. 



  • Retro style analog alarm clock that exhibits clear and loud alarm tone
  • In-built light and a button for backlight makes it convenient for use
  • Made with steel, this clock is durable
  • Battery powered performance
  • The sensor ball head absorbs heat and enlarges itself to generate electricity
  • It is durable
  • Type: Analog alarm clock
  • Item Material: Steel 
  • Clock Hands: 3 
  • Battery Powered: Yes (1xAA)
  • The Box contains: 1 Table Clock