Solar and DC Rechargeable camping lantern 6+1 LED

Solar and DC Rechargeable camping lantern 6+1 LED


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Set camp under the stars with a rechargeable camping lantern

Product Description

  • Are you an avid adventure seeker and find yourself camping outside regularly? Set out to lighten up your camping nights with rechargeable camping lantern with 6 individual low power consuming LED lights. This new version of LED camping light is run by solar battery and emits ultra-bright light.


  • The 360-degree lighting illuminates the whole room for 12 hours straight.


  • It has a double dose of usage. Use it has a regular handheld lamp or only as a camping fire. Do you know what is even better? You can use it as both. No buttons are required to operate it. Just pull up and push down to turn it on and off.


  • The well made lightweight foldable design makes it portable. Carry it anywhere you want. Be it indoors or out in the wild, you will get bright light all the time. The light does not flicker and strain your eyes. It comes in handy in times of emergencies.


  • The spare emergency charger makes sure that your camping light never runs out of power by drawing power from your phones.



  • The camping light has inbuilt 6+1 LED lights that consume very less power
  • 360-degree ultra-bright lighting capacity makes it very handy.
  • The lightweight foldable design makes it portable. 
  • It can be used both as a camping light as well as a handheld lantern
  • The solar battery is rechargeable. It comes with a spare charger to ensure constant power supply
  • It will run for 12 hours straight without any interruptions
  • The flicker less lighting makes sure to give you a smooth illumination
  • It provides intense lighting and fills up the entire room with bright light