spring smiley for car dashboard cute smiley emoji bobble toy

spring smiley for car dashboard cute smiley emoji bobble toy


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spring smiley for car Making friends with cute smiley emoji wobbly toy

Product Description

  • Wobbly toys have fascinated all of us. They are fun and entertaining. Probably emojis are the most used thing in our phones today. So we have brought the two fascinating things packed in one smiley emoji doll toy. 


  • It comes with all the expressions the emoji set has to offer. Just put it up on your work desk or in your car, and keep yourself entertained all the time. 


  • No battery or power is required for it to wobble its head. A motion will make it nod all along. The doll will shake its head whenever it meets with motion. 


  • The hand-made artwork with delicate craftsmanship and a vibrant façade makes a cool accessory for your cars and desks. 


  • The strong adhesive sticker makes the doll to stick firmly on any surface. No jerk can take it off. 


  • It will give a pleasant view when the mind is bored or in distress



  • The cute wobbly head smiley toy makes a good car and desk accessory
  • It comes in every emoji design. Set it up and make your mood happy in times of stress and boredom 
  • No battery or power is needed
  • The simple movement will make it wobble
  • It is durable
  • Strong adhesive sticker holds the doll firmly on any surface