USB Mini Air Conditioner with water evaporative wave tiny drops

USB Mini Air Conditioner with water evaporative wave tiny drops


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    Better and cool fresh air with AC cool air ultra air cooler

    Product Description

    • Breathe fresh and filtered air while saving on your electricity bill. How? By merely installing the Arctic Air cooler. Are you worried about the environment? Don’t worry, Arctic Air is energy efficient and eco-friendly. Here is a heads up, it consumes less than 10w of electricity.

    • “Mini Ac” suits entirely for the 3-in-1 cooling ability. It cools, humidifies, and purifies your air at the same time using nano-material based evaporating technology that averts the spread of bacteria into the air. 

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    • Create your climate around you with Arctic Air coolers. It will cool the area in front of it up to 45 sq. ft. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light create the perfect ambiance for the night. Snuggle into a comfortable slumber without any disturbance.

    • Isn’t it pleasant to have fresh air all the time? It is now possible with Arctic Air. It is compact and lightweight. Carry our fresh air around with yourself now and have fresh cool air anytime, anywhere!


    • The control is in your hands! From the lights to the temperature, all can be put into your fist. Adjust the seven different colors of the built-in LED mood light with the color cycle option and set your mood. Keep the temperature as low as 5 degrees to as high as 8 degrees with the super-efficient three wind speeds(High, Medium, Low)


    • Cool your surroundings for up to 8 hours with the easy to set up Arctic Air cooler. Fill in with water and plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port, and you are all set to take freshness in! 



    • It is not designed to cool the entire room; instead, it cools the area immediately in front of it approximately up to 45 sq. ft for a personal cool zone.
    • Temperature can be set from 5 – 8 degrees
    • It operates silently to give you strong wind
    • Set the airspeed in 3-speed settings and adjust the airflow 
    • It ensures 6-8 hours of humidifying
    • It is energy efficient and runs on low energy 
    • Easy to set up
    • Auto shutoff when out of water

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