USB mobile Charging cable 3 in one auto foldable for apple and android

USB mobile Charging cable 3 in one auto foldable for apple and android


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Charging with retractable electric cable 3-in-1 roundtable


Product Description

  • Doesn’t it bother you when the charging cable is too short that it restricts your movement? We know the trouble. Thus, we bring you this retractable cable that has 4 steps of expansion.


  • The electric cable charges any Android or iOS phone super fast. It is compatible with any Type C charging port


  • The cable will meet all your needs. Use it to sync or charge your phone without it getting on your nerves. 


  • This durable cable is tare resistant and strong. It takes care of the environment as it is made with the TPE material that is in harmony with the environment


  • No need to worry if you don’t have a charging socket around. Just plug the cable into your computer or USB charger and your phone will be all charged up.


  • The charging cable is made to resist any electricity leakage and the risk of short circuits is completely nil. 



  • Retractable charging cable with 4 extension levels
  • No matter what it is put through, the strong and durable cable will not tear off
  • Android, iOS or any phone with Type C charging input
  • It is compatible with computers and USB chargers
  • Be rest assured that it will not catch fire. It is made to me short circuit resistant
  • Carry it anywhere you want as it is lightweight and portable